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Inspiring Stories Only DCLC Students Can Tell


Adults who study at Delaware County Literacy Council (DCLC) have stories to tell. Each student travels a unique path to arrive at the Literacy Council and work toward his or her goals. In 2017–2018, several of DCLC’s inspiring students took the stage to share their journeys. Their words reveal the heart of DCLC’s work.

Kevin Morgan (honored as Student Champion at DCLC’s 2017 Champions of Adult Literacy event): “Today you’re looking at that young boy who transformed into a young man. My role models shifted from street thugs to men who were leaders through positive actions. I enrolled myself in Delaware County Literacy, which not only aided me in receiving my GED, but inspired me to further my education and enroll in college.”

Alice Johnson (speaking to volunteer tutors at the 2018 Volunteer Appreciation event): “Volunteers are the backbone of this organization. You have used your God-given abilities to help me and countless numbers of students grow in a way that will affect generations to come academically, socially, and economically. You believe in the impossible, and you make it happen.”

Michelle Agostini (speaking to fellow graduates at 2018 GED Graduation):
“I came to the United States in 2016, determined to get a good job and live a full life here. The GED is proof that you and I were brave enough to take the journey. At times, we weren’t sure we would succeed, but we kept going. We passed the tests because we wanted the rest of the world to see our talent and our potential.”

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DCLC Financial Data 2017–2018



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DCLC Program Data 2017–2018

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Message from the Director

Dear DCLC Supporters,

One of my favorite activities each year is preparing this report because it reminds me of the impact of caring donors, funders, and volunteers working together to improve our community. As you read this report I hope you’ll notice some of my favorite facts about our work.

One of the first things I hope you see is the potential of the students we serve. In the infographic above, you’ll see that 46% of the adults who come to DCLC are reading below the sixth-grade reading level and 41% of our adults are looking for work. Though this can feel like a daunting challenge, it’s truly an opportunity for our donors, volunteers, and staff to contribute to life-changing improvements in our students’ lives.

The second thing I hope you see is that the generosity of our donors and funders is matched by the grit and tenacity of our students and the volunteers and staff who serve them. Last year our 537 students spent 29,423 hours in class or working with their tutors. You can roughly double that number for time spent on homework, online work, or practicing English in the real world. Because of our donors and funders, 537 adults were able to channel their dreams and hard work into free educational services.

Finally, I hope you see the impact that our donors and volunteers have on the adults in our community. After just 60 hours of instruction over three to five months, half of our students improved their skills multiple grade levels. The success stories in this report give a glimpse into the opportunities that open up for our students when their skills and their confidence improve.

So even if writing a report doesn’t sound like a favorite activity, being reminded of the awesome potential, tenacity, and success of our students is. Please know that it is DCLC’s supporters—donors, funders, volunteers—who make this possible. Thank you for making your mark.

With gratitude,

Kate McGeever

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Book Club Donates, Issues Challenge

To celebrate the “joy of reading” and to honor their 20 years together, the AfterWords Book Club (shown below) made a creative and generous donation to the Literacy Council. Members donated $1 for each of the 20 years the book club has been in existence, resulting in a $260 donation.

BookGroupChallenge-AR“We know how much we enjoy books, and we couldn’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to read. We wanted to give the gift of literacy to others,” said Nancy Waxman, who founded the book club. The group includes members from Delaware County and Greater Philadelphia.

The group wanted to take their donation a step further, however, so the AfterWords Book Club challenged other local book clubs to make an anniversary gift to the Literacy Council. The Book Club Challenge for Literacy was born!

The challenge was publicized on social media (#BookClubChallenge2018) and through libraries and tutors. DCLC continues to accept Book Club Challenge donations.

To learn more about participating book clubs or to take the Book Club Challenge for Literacy, visit

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Student Success Stories

Maria Torres

Maria Torres came to the U.S. with professional skills and experience.

MariaTorresAROriginally from the Dominican Republic, Maria worked as a dentist in the Dominican Republic and in Spain.

When Maria first applied for a position in a dental office, she was told her English skills were not good enough to do the job. Maria took action and enrolled with the Literacy Council to learn English. In November 2016, she started studying English as a Second Language (ESL) with DCLC Volunteer Tutor James Stein.

Maria’s goals were clear. So after working on her English for two years, she applied to a dental office, and this time she landed the job! She is now a full-time dental assistant in the office of Mindy Benjamini, DMD, a dental practice in Narberth PA.

Maria did not give up on her dream. As James says, “Her persistence and patience paid off!”

Maria continues to study with James. “I’m studying English because I want to live here and continue training and work in my profession.” She is a true inspiration.

Emily Branca

EmilyBranca-AR1Earning a GED is a memorable milestone in an adult student’s life, but it also is the first step toward a better life for that student. Having a high school equivalency allows students to pursue further education and better jobs.

For Emily Branca , earning a GED with DCLC in the spring of 2016 allowed her to pursue her goal of working in a spa or salon.

To achieve her goal, Emily took specific, practical steps. First, she enrolled in Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia to train to become an esthetician. After she earned her PA license, Emily applied for and obtained a position at Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Dry Bar in Springfield. Now she shares her talents and training doing work she loves.

Dorcas Hailu


Dorcas Hailu (center) received a certificate and a $100 prize for writing the winning essay in the DCLC “People Helping People” contest, sponsored by Sun East Federal Credit Union.

Denise Romanelli (left) of Sun East surprised Dorcas and her tutor Arlette Liberatore (right) with the award.

Dorcas wrote an essay about helping a neighbor who was homebound with illness. Students who entered the contest wrote about serving their community by volunteering sometime in the past year.

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DCLC Volunteers 2017–2018

Sallie Anderson
Richard Robin Austin
Paul E. Badey
Annamaria Beatty
Robert Berley
Shirley B. Birenbaum
Ronald Blagman
Frances Bloom
Susan Bowen
Valerie Breen
Lisa Brinkman
Robert Briselli
Rebecca Brown
Harry Bryans
Olga Canamucio
Colleen Marie Cannon
Susan Chast
Jennifer Colaccio
Michael Coladonato
Snownia Collins
Sheila Cooper
Chad Crisp
Diane Crompton
Barry Cutler
Barbara Daley
Nancy Daniel
Dylan Davis
Susanna DeCecco
Frances DiLucido
Mary Dunwoody
Rick Durante
Catherine Durkin
Paul Durkin
Ellen Eidelson
Eleanor Ercole
William Fantini
Julia Fernandez
John Fiedler
Claire Field
Ana Figueiredo
Edward Finn
Shahida Firfiray
Beth Fitzsimons
Eileen Flanagan
Maureen Fleming
Joann Flocco
Joanne B. Frank
Gerry Galgon
Donald Garfinkel
Julia Gaskins
Patricia Garzarella Gigl
Ann Gilligan
Shyamali Godbole
Anick Guillaume Gornish
Stanley Gornish
Mary Graham
Flossie Graziola
Lorraine Grippi
Charles J. Hanna
Daniel Hanson
Angelo Hardy
Karen Hardy
Joyce Henderson
Elaine Herbert
Gene Hillman
Glenda Hodges
Linda Hosier
Diane Hughes
Penny Hughes
Charles J. Istak
Anthony Jennings
Jay Joyce
Michael Jurski
Sandy Kauffman
Lynn Kelly
Jonathan Abdur Rahim King
Carolyn Klock
Ed Koons
Ellen Kornfield
Hazel Lafleur-Vetter
Joyce Lee
Michael LeFevre
Victoria Lender
Lois Levine-Elman
Patrick Lewis
Arlette Liberatore
Jourdeana Linder
Dick Linderman
Jo Lumley
Marie Maloney
Marty Mannion
David Markman
David Marshall
Michael Martin
Peter Matthews
Joseph McGonigle
Tracy McIntosh
Pamela Mitchell
Renee Morris
Eve Mountford
Barbara Murphy
William Murray
Shri Nandan
Debra Naso
Margaret Natalie
Annette Newman
Marie-Annette O’Connor
Charles O’Hala
Caroline Packard
Kristie Palumbo
Susan Parker
Patricia Paul
Michael Perlstein
Nancy Philippi
Frank Pilson
Linda Ramsey
Elsa Rapp
Reginald Regis
Carol Reich
Sadia Riasat
Patricia Rizzo
Susan Roseman
Anne Rossi
Barbara Saling
June Sargent
Rande Saxe
Michael Scalise
Patricia Scanlon
Edward Schellhase
Frances Schultz
Leah Semmelhaack
John Shaw
Barbara Sheehan
Craig Sheffler-Collins
Mariann Sibinga
Eunice Silver
Helen B. Simyak
Stephen Small
Marianne Stapf
James Stein
Jennifer L. Stock
Doreen Storey
Peter Stroup
Anne Tallent
Bruce Thompson
Kelly Thornton
Ilene Chester
Cynthia Trago
Jacqueline Trolley
Edward van Steenwyk
Anthony Vivian
Saral Waldorf
Helene Walker
Patricia Walker
Christine Walton
Brian Weir
Carol A. Weiss
Pamela Whitsett-Grundy
Richard Whittington
Margaret Wyant
Robert Young

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DCLC Donors 2017–2018

See also Gifts in Honor of and Gifts in Memory of.

320 Market Cafe
3M Advanced Material Division
3M Donation Program
Richard Adelizzi
AfterWords Book Club
Agilent Technologies
Helene S. Alexander
Michael Allen
Aria’s Restaurant
Steven Arnold and Reisa Mukamal
Jomo Atkins
Brian Badgley
Robert Barkhau
Charles Barksdale, Jr.
Todd Bauders
Nancy Baulis
David Belanger
Robert and Bonnie Bellino
Linda Berkowitz
Robert and Carole Berley
Amy Berman
Madeline Bialecki
Ronald and Ann Binder
Shirley B. Birenbaum
Ronald Blagman
Stephen Bobyock
Joseph Bohovic
Jane Bostwick
Susan Bowen
Thurman R. Brendlinger, Jr. and Lisa O’Mahony
Brenda Brenner
Brinker Simpson & Company
Lisa Brinkman
Robert Briselli
Peter Brooks
Reece Brown
Steven J. Brown
Nicole L Bruno
Jane Buchanan
Carey Burns
Judith Burns
Nora Burridge
D. Byrne
Deanna Marie Byrne
David and Margaret Camp
Hilda Campbell
John P. and Sharon J. Capuzzi
Thea Carey
Jacqueline Castagna
Joseph and Debra Charley
David and Adriana Chalson
Chester Water Authority
Mary E. Chollet-Lordan
Patricia Cimino
Hollie Citerone
Peter and Susan Clarey
Kristin, Casey, Cicely and Erin Clark
William Clendenin
Theresa Connors
Ryan Conte
Gwendolyn Cottman
Wilson Cottman
Charles and Sabine Cranmer
Diane Crompton
Joann Crowley
Michael and Maureen Culbert
Barbara Daley
Michael and Erica Danowitz
Elizabeth Davis
Susanna DeCecco
Delaware County Human Resources Assn.
Thomas Deluca
Louise Denight
William and Carol DiMaio
Joan Dlugos
Nancy Ducato
Elizabeth Dunford
Rick Durante
Paul and Catherine Durkin
Mary Anne Duthie
Pierce Eckhart
William Eichner
Daniel and Lisa Embon
Exelon Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Judy Farling
Caroline Marie Fecek
Frank and Mary Fee
Mary Ann Fiebert
Catherine Fine
Edward and Ellen Finn
Beth Fitzsimons
Eileen Flanagan
Maureen Fleming
Pasqualyn C. Flick
The Franklin Fountain
Arthur Frank
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
Peter and Irene Friedrichs
Friends of Brian Kirkland
Joseph Gyourko and
Sally Fullam
Dara Gaeta
Donald Garfinkel
Jocelyn Garfinkel
Susan Garfinkel
Patricia R. Gaul
Teresa Gault
Gerald J. Ward Trust
Emmanuel Gilbert
Jeanine Gillespie
Tyrone Gilliam
Ann Gilligan
Arthur G. Girton, Esq.
Gary Glenn and Judith Buck-Glenn
Joshua and Cecilia Gold
Flossie Graziola
Ann Green
Ms. Nina Grier and Ms. Lynne Coleman
Charlotte Griffin
Daniel Guerin
Stephen B. and Annmichele P. Gutsche
Wilma Guzman-Perez
Kerry and Rebecca Haber
Alfred Johnson, Jr. and Nancy Halli
Mary Halloran
Karen Hamilton
Connie Haney
Charles J. Hanna
Holger and Anne Hansen
Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack
Brian and Barbara Harris
Kathleen Hauger
Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley, LLC
Frank Heinze
Kathy Henderson
Charlene Hennessy
Naomi Hirahara
Robin L. Holmes
Kevin and Bridget Hughes
Iacona Collision Specialists
Charles J Istak
Donna M. James
Michelle Janmey
JB Collision, Inc.
Jenny Jex
John Cipollone, Inc.
Caryn Johnson
Jay Joyce
Lisa A. Kaiser
Janise Kane
Steven Katz and Lauren Freidus Katz
Sandy Kauffman
Susan Keller
Lynn Kelly
Kimberly Clark Corporation
King’s Automotive, Inc.
Thaddeus Kirkland
Ruth Kivitz
Carolyn Klock
Kim Kondla
Ed Koons
Thomas Korman
Don Korobkin and Sandra Herman
Frederick Kosel
KPB Realtor
David E. Landau and Stephanie H. Klein
Mary Beth Lauer
Barbara A. Laurenzi
Michael LeFevre
Melissa Lenhard
Deanna Levin
Patrick Lewis
Arlette Liberatore
Dick Linderman
Barbara Logan
Jeannie Longin
Jo Lumley
Christopher Maher
Toby and Melanie Maloney
Greg and Mara Manfre
Martin and Mary Mannion
Michael Marinucci
David Markman
David and Cynthia Marshall
Irma Mason
Peter Matthews
Stephen B. Maurer and Frances Stier
Joan P. Mauriello
Kenneth L. McCalla
Laura McCree
Patrick McGeeverCarolyn McGlinchey
Peter McLaughlin
Gloria McNutt
Media Music Theatre Co.
Candace Meier
Andrew Merz and Ann Broussard
Pamela A Messaros
Allen and Elizabeth Meyer
John and Faith Midwood
Marge W. Mirarchi
Vincent and Laura Mirigliani
Gloria Jean Mitchell
Pamela Mitchell
Doris Mitrani
Joe and Lillian Mittleman
Byron D. Moat
Pat Morgan
William and Virginia Mosher
Tatiana Moskatova
George and Eve Mountford
Marshall Muhammad
Karen Munin
Ellen Murphey and
Zara Joffe
Barbara Murphy
John Murphy
Rostyslav and Victoria Muzychko
National Spanish Honor Society, Upper Darby H.S.
Donna Neary
David Neill
Richard and Mary Nenno
Brian and Linda O’Hara
Patricia O’Donnell
Richard and Patricia Paul
Jacqualine Peace
Judith and Thomas Pearsall
Peoples Light & Theatre
Steven Perry and Meredith Flower
Alfred and Ellen Pierce
Frank Pilson
Christine Polischuk
David and Amy Pollack
Robert Pope
John and Margaret Preg
Professional Duplicating, Inc.
James and Kathleen Proud
Linda Ramsey
Lizzie Reed
Carol Reich
Wayne and Patricia Reid
Andrew and Joann Reinsel
Donald Richter and
Jane Gilligan
Wendella Ricker
Neal Rightley
David Riley
Annette Rizzo
Sarah Roemer
Lynne Roots
Stefan Roots
Paula Rosen
Arlene Rossi
Mary Ellen Roy
Thomasine Ryan
Robert and Judith Schachner
Carrie Schiavo
Ann K. Seidman
Robert T. Senior
Maureen Sharon
Frances Sheehan
Daniel and Barbara Sheehan
Eunice Silver
Doug Sisk and Patricia Rizzo
Hannah Sisk
David and Carol Smallwood
Thomas D. and Teresa M. Smedile
Dan Snyder and Joan Neely
Lois F. Snyder
Marianne Stapf
Star Vista Enterprisess, LLC
Renae Ross Starker
John and Susan Stefanski
James Stein and
Richard CouchTyler L Stewart
Jennifer L. Stock
Kelli Stock
Teresa J. Stock
Peter Stokes and Nikki Senecal
Maria Strauman
Peter Stroup and Moira Hahn
Mary Jane C. Sturgis
Helen Subbio
Flora Sullivan
Sun East Charitable Foundation
Sun East Federal Credit Union
Alfred and Mariann Talbot
Anne Tallent
The Bryn Mawr Trust Company
The Inn at Swarthmore
The Interboro Kindergarden Academy
The Merck Foundation
Terry Thornton
Kelly Thornton
Dottie Tiffany
Lyndora Patterson Tiller
Frank Tobin and
Ilene Chester
Top Class Detailing
Eric Townes
Marie Treftz
Joseph and Louise Troiani
Thomas and Jean Ann Tryson
Eleanor Vadala
Kathleen Vukoder
Saral Waldorf
Margaret Wales
Barbara Walsh
Brian K. Washington
Nancy Waxman
Cathy Weaver
Carol A. Weiss
Garry and Susanne Werner
Edwin and Suzanne West
Lois A. Westhoff
Scott Whelan
Robert White
Crystal Whitehead
Richard Whittington
Molly Williamson
Sallie J. Wilson
Paul Winnington, III
Mark Winston
Tracey Witchko
Ernest Wright
Margaret Wyant
Malcolm Yates
Linda Youngstrom
Charles and Ann Zech

Gifts in Honor of

Sheila Bell
Melissa Lenhard

Robert and Carole Berley
Lizzie Reed

Madeline Bialecki
Frank and Mary Fee

Frances Bloom
Kristin, Casey, Cicely
and Erin Clark

John Byrne
D. Byrne

Delaware County
Literacy Council
Shirley B. Birenbaum

Jean Dorschu
Renae Ross Starker

Don Garfinkel
Amy Garfinkel

Karen Hamilton
Patricia R. Gaul

Charlotte Hobson Griffin
Ellen Murphey and Zara Joffe

Marie Reich
Carol Reich
Alfred and Mariann Talbot

Frances Stier
Stephen B. Maurer

Jennifer L. Stock
Garry and Susanne Werner

Jacqueline Castagna

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Gifts in Memory of

James Bajorek
Kenneth and Debra Margolis

Anthony Blagman
Ronald Blagman

Topsy Blagman
Ronald Blagman

Ruth Farling
Judy Farling

Mary Gilligan
Ann Gilligan

Leonard Goldfield
Steven Arnold and
Reisa Mukamal

Ethel I. Kennedy
Ronald Blagman

Florence Klein
David E. Landau and
Stephanie H. Klein

Rachel McGeever
Patrick McGeever

Pat Miele
Barbara Logan

Joan Pilson
Frank Pilson

Deborah Preg
Karen Munin
John and Margaret Preg
Neal Rightley
Arlene Rossi
Mary Jane C. Sturgis

Helen B. Simyak
Amy Berman
Caroline Marie Fecek

Daniel Stevick
Gary Glenn and Judith Buck- Glenn
John and Faith Midwood
James and Kathleen Proud
Edwin and Suzanne West

Matthew Twyman, Jr.
Lynne Roots

Earl Vadala
Eleanor Vadala

Carl Westhoff
Lois A. Westhof

Gerald J. Ward
Gerald J. Ward Trust

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