Annual Report 2016-2017 Highlights


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Literacy Council, Pathways PA, Community College
Join to Celebrate Delaware County GED Graduates

In Africa we have a saying,” Mussa Kromah told his fellow GED graduates. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Kromah, shown in above-right photo, was one of the featured speakers at a special collaborative GED Graduation Ceremony held at Delaware County Community College (DCCC) in June 2017. The ceremony honored nine adult students who earned their GED through the Delaware County Literacy Council (DCLC), ten graduates from DCCC’s GED program, and nineteen graduates from PathWays PA’s GED program.

Kromah also told his fellow graduates and their guests that he took the English portion of the GED test five times before passing it. “That taught me a good lesson: keep working. Keep working, and one day you will succeed!”

Other student speakers at the event were Leonard Johnson, Jr., of PathWays PA’s program and Ernest Gomer of DCCC’s program.

The keynote speaker for the ceremony was John Linder, former mayor of the City of Chester, DCLC board member, and DCCC adjunct professor (shown congratulating DCLC GED Graduate Allen Sterling in above-left photo).

Linder praised the graduates, telling them “Now you’re in the degree family. Now you have something you can use to participate in life, something you can use to compete.” He also said, “It’s clear sailing from here. It’s not necessarily smooth sailing, but it’s clear…. Don’t stop now. Go to the next level.”

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DCLC Financial Data 2016–2017




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Message from the Director

Dear Friends of the Literacy Council,
Looking back on our 2016-17 program year, it is exciting to see the many ways our supporters help build our community, in spirit and in structure. DCLC is a special place where people from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to create a community that empowers people to be the best versions of themselves. No matter what challenges and struggles our adult learners may be facing in their daily lives, DCLC is a safe and welcoming place.

While the country struggled to find a common path to bring our diverse citizenry together, inside our doors our diversity made us stronger. About a third of our students grew up in the United States, but the remaining majority of our students are from 51 other countries. Many of these students have either mastered English in our classes or have arrived from English-speaking countries and have joined our U.S.-educated students in reading or high school equivalency classes.

Within our classroom walls our students could discuss the changes in the American political landscape while feeling welcomed and supported by their teachers, tutors, and the many donors whose contributions keep the organization running. I am so grateful for the efforts and good intentions of the students, tutors, staff, and donors who create this refuge where all students are valued and supported.

Beyond the changing political climate, DCLC faced the challenge of maintaining our 250-year-old building. I frequently think of an Amish proverb that says “very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts.” Though this wisdom could be applied to many things, this year it applied to our roof and building exterior.

After having an engineering firm assess our building we prioritized replacing our leaky, old roof. Given the size and age of the roof, the cost was something we asked that “everyone lift.” Through a combination of testimony to County Council (see sidebar at left) and increased donations for a matching grant, our supporters helped raise $150,000 for a new roof. The new roof should be in place by summer 2018.

Beyond fundraising for the roof, we also noticed the signage for our building was showing its age. Even our signature large blue awning couldn’t survive the weight of Winter Storm Stella (as shown below left). Luckily, Harrah’s stepped in with a $10,000 grant to help us get a new sign on our front lawn and generally spruce up the building (see back page).

I want to thank everyone who made a donation, shared their time, or listened to the experience of someone new. This open-hearted community has come together to create a home for our learners.

Thank you,

Kate McGeever

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Program Results

602         Students Served

33,685   Instructional Hours

186          Volunteers

9            GED Graduates

24            New Citizens

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Appreciating DCLC’s Volunteer Tutors with Pizza and Awards 

DCLC Student Benjamin Butler (shown below) praised his volunteer tutor Andrew Cogbill at the DCLC’s 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Pizza Party on April 25, 2017.

“Andrew doesn’t just teach me about education, he teaches me about life.
He’s full of wisdom, very humble, and also modest about the impact he has on people’s lives,” Butler explained.

Held at the Helen Kate Furness Library in Wallingford, the party included games, refreshments, and awards—all meant to shine a spotlight on the dedicated work of DCLC’s volunteers, who tutor adults in either basic literacy or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Photos courtesy of Evgeny Verivski

Volunteer Tutor Lisa Brinkman (shown above at left) received the Helen B. Simyak Tutor of the Year Award, presented to her by Adult Education Coordinator Karen Hamilton.

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Community Rallies
in Support of New Roof

When DCLC put out the call for help in funding a new roof, supporters took decisive action.

Some attended hearings or sent messages to Delaware County Council in support of DCLC’s application for a Community Development Block Grant. Here is a sampling:

“No organization I’ve met is more efficient at utilizing resources for public good than DCLC.”
—Peter Stroup, Tutor and Donor

“I can say, without reservation, that they do remarkable work with minimal resources and are able to literally change peoples’ and families’ lives.”
Maria Strauman, Volunteer and Donor

“I firmly believe their work in the community is vital toward helping individuals and their families advance in their literacy goals.”
—Charlyene C. Pinckney, Ed.D., Tutor

Thanks to this support, DCLC was approved for a $100,000 Community Development Grant from Delaware County Council, and a $5,000 Community Grant from the City of Chester.

Many donors also took action by increasing their donations to help DCLC receive a $20,000 matching grant from the McClean Contributionship.

As a result of the strength and caring of the local community, DCLC’s adult learners can look forward to a sturdy roof over their heads in the years to come.

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DCLC Volunteers 2016–2017

Alex Agpaoa
Ya Ahmed
Katey Allen
Sallie Anderson
Richard Robin Austin
Shirley B. Birenbaum
Ronald Blagman
Frances Bloom
Denice Bohl
Jill Bonner-Rementer
Susan Bowen
Hope Dalton Bowman
Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick
Lisa Brinkman
Michaele Brown
Barry Buchy
Matthew Byrne
Olga Canamucio
Heidi Carp
Susan Chast
Andrew Cogbill
Lloyd Cole
Snownia Collins
Gwendolyn Cottman
Barry Cutler
Barbara Daley
Nancy Daniel
Dylan Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Kimberly Dawes
Susanna DeCecco
Maria Djogova
Mary Dunwoody
Rick Durante
Catherine Durkin
Paul Durkin
Ellen Eidelson
Eleanor Ercole
Priscilla Ewing
William Fantini
John Fiedler
Edward Finn
Shahida Firfiray
Eileen Flanagan
Maureen Fleming
Joann Flocco
Joanne B. Frank
Elaine Frieberg
Madiah Gant
Donald Garfinkel
Patricia Garzarella Gigl
Ann Gilligan
Anick Guillaume Gornish
Stanley Gornish
Mary Graham
Flossie Graziola
Sheila Gregg
Lorraine Grippi
Charles J. Hanna
Angelo Hardy
Karen Hardy
Kathleen Hauger
Jeffrey Haviland
Joyce Henderson
Gene Hillman
Jenna Hostutler
Diane Hughes
Penny Hughes
Anthony Jennings
Godlind Johnson
Michael Jurski
Sandy Kauffman
Charles Kelbley
Lynn Kelly
Jonathan Abdur Rahim King
Carolyn Klock
Ed Koons
Olive Ledlie
Joyce Lee
Victoria Lender
Lois Levine-Elman
Patrick Lewis
Arlette Liberatore
Angelina Lincoln
John Linder
Dick Linderman
Jo Lumley
Marty Mannion
David Markman
David Marshall
Michael Martin
Peter Matthews
Scott McCarthy
Carolyn McGlinchey
Joseph McGonigle
Robyn McGonigle
Tracy McIntosh
Liz Meister
Susan Maria Mikus
Pamela Mitchell
David Morgan
Pamela Anne Morris
Eve Mountford
Barbara Murphy
Bill Murray
Shri Nandan
Margaret Natalie
Annette Newman
Diane Nissen
Charles O’Hala
Joshua Ocko
Briget OLeary
Caroline Packard
Susan Parker
Patricia Paul
Michael Perlstein
Nancy Philippi
Frank Pilson
Soraya Prescott
Leslie Pumphrey
Jeremy Puntel
Linda Ramsey
Stephanie Reaves
Reginald Regis
Patricia Rizzo
Susan Roseman
Anne Rossi
Gabriell Sacks
Barbara Saling
June Sargent
Rande Saxe
Patricia Scanlon
Edward Schellhase
John A. Schmidt Jr.
Frances Schultz
Ann K. Seidman
Leah Semmelhaack
John Shaw
Barbara Sheehan
Arthur Sherry
Mariann Sibinga
Helen B. Simyak
Rise Skobeloff
Stephen Small
Carol Smallwood
David Smallwood
Dan Snyder
James Stein
Frances Stier
Jennifer L. Stock
Peter Stroup
Bruce Thompson
Kelly Thornton
Ilene Chester
Cynthia Trago
Anthony Vivian
Gerald Wagner
Saral Waldorf
Christine Walton
Carol A. Weiss
Richard Whittington
Peggie Wyant

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DCLC Donors 2016–2017

See also Gifts in Honor of and Gifts in Memory of.

Joe Agozzino
Helene S. Alexander
Michael Allen
Steven Arnold and Reisa Mukamal
Jomo Atkins
Avenue Delicatessen
Bagel Bistro
Fay Bahmermann
Robert Barkhau
Charles Barksdale, Jr.
Todd Bauders
Nancy Baulis
David Belanger
Robert and Bonnie Bellino
Robert and Carole Berley
BFW Group, LLC
Madeline Bialecki
Ronald and Ann Binder
Shirley B. Birenbaum
Ronald Blagman
Frances Bloom
Stephen Bobyock
Boeing Helicopters Credit Union
Joseph Bohovic
Wendy J. Bracaglia
Thurman R. Brendlinger, Jr. and Lisa O’Mahony
Brenda Brenner
Brinker Simpson & Company
Lisa Brinkman
Peter Brooks
Steven J. Brown
Robert Brownlowe
The Bryn Mawr Trust Company
Barry Buchy
Buddy’s Burgers
Judith Burns
Nora Burridge
Deanna Marie Byrne
David and Margaret Camp
John P. and Sharon J. Capuzzi
Francis and Victoria Cardell
Terrance and Shonette Harrison Carew
William Carney
Thomas Cavanaugh
Joseph and Debra Charley
Chester Business Association
Mary E. Chollet-Lordan
CIGNA Anonymous
Hollie Citerone
Peter and Susan Clarey
Kristin, Casey, Cicely and Erin Clark
Melinda Clemmer
William Clendenin
Andrew Cogbill
Lloyd Cole
Theresa Connors
Gwendolyn Cottman
Wilson Cottman
Charles and Sabine Cranmer
Joann Crowley
Nina M. Cruice
Michael and Maureen Culbert
Barbara Daley
Charles and Suzanne Davis
Francis DeMarco
Louise Denight
DiFabio’s Market & Tap
William and Carol DiMaio
Joan Dlugos
Rick Durante
Paul and Catherine Durkin
Eastern State Penitentiary
Cara Hayako Eckenrode
Pierce Eckhart
William Eichner
Ellen Eidelson
George J. and Maureen A. Eisele
Daniel and Lisa Embon
Pat Engelbrecht
Richard and Renee Erickson
Judy Farling
Bonnie Fay
Frank and Mary Fee
Mary Ann Fiebert
John Fiedler
Catherine Fine
Martin Finsterbusch
Shahida Firfiray
Maureen Fleming
The Foundation of the Delaware County Medical Society
The Franklin Fountain
Arthur Frank
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
Stephen Friedman
Vijai and Jyoti Gupta
Joseph Gyourko and Sally Fullam
Donald Garfinkel
Patricia R. Gaul
Gerald J. Ward Trust
Gretchen Gill
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Joshua and Cecilia Gold
Good 360
Amy Graham
Joseph and Celesta Gray
Flossie Graziola
Ann Green
Charlotte Griffin
Daniel Guerin
Gerard Murray and Colleen Guiney
Stephen B. and Annmichele P. Gutsche
Wilma Guzman-Perez
Kerry and Rebecca Haber
Alfred Johnson, Jr. and Nancy Halli
Karen Hamilton
Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack
Cynthia S. Harrington
Brian and Barbara Harris
Kathleen Hauger
Head Nut
Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley, LLC
Hedgerow Theater
Frank Heinze
Charlene Hennessy
Robin L. Holmes
Penny Hughes
The Inn at Swarthmore
Anne Iskrant
J&R Associates
Donna M. James
Michelle Janmey
Jenny Jex
John Cipollone, Inc.
Edmund Jones
Lisa A. Kaiser
Sandy Kauffman
Erika Kavanagh-Stein
Susan Keller
Lynn Kelly
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Jonathan Abdur Rahim King
King’s Automotive, Inc.
Kenneth and Judith Kinman
Nancy Kitzinger
Ruth Kivitz
Carolyn Klock
Kim Kondla
Ed Koons
Thomas Korman
Don Korobkin and Sandra Herman
Frederick Kosel
KPB Realtor
David E. Landau and Stephanie H. Klein
Amanda Lange
Barbara A. Laurenzi
Lynette Lawler
Deanna Levin
Patrick Lewis
Arlette Liberatore
Ilene D. Lieberman
Lincoln Financial Distributors
Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.
Dick Linderman
Carol Lingle
Barbara Logan
Jo Lumley
Donna Maher
Toby and Melanie Maloney
Greg and Mara Manfre
Martin and Mary Mannion
Kenneth and Debra Margolis
Michael Marinucci
David Markman
David Marshall
Carol Maryon
Irma Mason
Peter Matthews
Stephen B. Maurer
and Frances Stier
Joan P. Mauriello
Kenneth L. McCalla
Laura McCree
Kate McGeever
Patrick McGeever
Carolyn McGlinchey
Gloria McNutt
Media Music Theatre Company
Donald and Evelyn Melchiorre
The Merck Foundation
Andrew Merz and Ann Broussard
Kathy Messerman
Allen and Elizabeth Meyer
Bill and Karen Milheim
Peter Miller
Vincent and Laura Mirigliani
Pamela Mitchell
Joe and Lillian Mittleman
Byron D. Moat
William and Virginia Mosher
Tatiana Moskatova
George and Eve Mountford
Frances Moyer
Marshall Muhammad
Barbara Murphy
William and Mary Ann Murray
Rostyslav and Victoria Muzychko
Drake Nakaishi
Margaret Natalie
David Neill
Richard and Mary Nenno
Dan Nerelli
Patricia O’Donnell
Kenneth Takeshi Ogawa
Charles O’Hala
Brian and Linda O’Hara
Judith Owen
Painting with a Twist
Lorraine Parkinson
Richard and Patricia Paul
Andrea M. Paxton
Peoples Light & Theatre Company
Steven Perry and Meredith Flower
Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Foundation
Frank Pilson
Mark and Sidney Pinnie
Pinocchio’s Pizza, Inc.
Pinot’s Palette
David and Amy Pollack
John and Margaret Preg
Purcell Darrell House B&B
Joseph Quagliariello
Radio Communication Service, Inc.
Linda Ramsey
Carol Reich
Donald Richter and Jane Gilligan
Wendella Ricker
Neal Rightley
Chamille Roberson
Rotary Club of Swarthmore
Salon Olivia
Joseph and Janet Saunders
Linda Scafiro
Robert and Judith Schachner
Carrie Schiavo
Timothy Ryan Schoen
Louis and Patricia Scotto
Ann K. Seidman
Nikki Senecal
Robert T. Senior
Maureen Sharon
Daniel and Barbara Sheehan
Frank and Suzanne Sherry
William Siegl
Doug Sisk and Patricia Rizzo
Thomas D. and Teresa M. Smedile
Christine C. Smith
Lisa Smulyan
Dan Snyder and Joan Neely
Lois F. Snyder
Renae Ross Starker
John Staub
John and Susan Stefanski
James Stein and Richard Couch
Jennifer L. Stock
Chris and Jack Stoddard
Scott Stoddard
Peter Stokes and Nikki Senecal
Maria Strauman
Amy Strauss
Peter Stroup
Mary Jane C. Sturgis
Helen Subbio
Flora Sullivan
Sun East Charitable Foundation
Taylor Community Foundation
TD Bank Anonymous
Marie Teehan
Tyler Therriault
Terry Thornton
Kelly Thornton
Dottie Tiffany
Lyndora Patterson Tiller
Frank Tobin and Ilene Chester
Meghan Todd
Marie Treftz
Joseph and LouiseTroiani
Leslie Truluck
Thomas and Jean Ann Tryson
Pat Turberg
Mina Hale Varney
Margaret Wales
Linda Walker
Adam and Linda Wall
Anne C. Wall
Jennifer Wall
Grant W. Ward
Anthony and Joan Watson
Carol A. Weiss
Lois A. Westhoff
Richard Whittington
Mitchell and Laura Wienick
Brenda Wilson
Ernest Wright
Peggie Wyant
Yangtze Inn
Linda Youngstrom
Charles and Ann Zech
Morrow Ziff

Gifts in Honor of

Florence Appel
Steven Arnold and
Reisa Mukamal

Alpha Delta Kappa,
Upsilon Chapter
Hollie Citerone

Naomi Bailey
Wendella Ricker

Madeline Bialecki
Tatiana Moskatova

Frances Bloom
Kristin, Casey, Cicely
and Erin Clark

Cristian Lloyd Carew
Ann K. Seidman

Sheri Carney
Steven Arnold and
Reisa Mukamal

Andrew Cogbill
Ilene D. Lieberman

Delaware County
Literacy Council
Shirley B. Birenbaum

Karen Hamilton
Patricia R. Gaul

Terrance and Shonette
Harrison Carew

Immigrants, English Language Learners, Adult Learners, and People with Special Needs
Amanda Lange

Kai Park
Anne Iskrant

Patricia Paul
Richard Paul

Linda Ramsey
Wendy J. Bracaglia

Marie Reich
Carol Reich

Elizabeth Rossman
Melinda Clemmer

Charles Zech
Pat Rizzo

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Gifts in Memory of

James Bajorek
Carol Lingle
Kenneth and Debra Margolis

Anthony Blagman
Ronald Blagman

Rudolph Bloom, Jr.
Frances Bloom

Richard Burns
Judith Burns

Ruth Farling
Judy Farling

Lloyd Harrison II
Terrance and Shonette
Harrison Carew

Rachel McGeever
Patrick McGeever

Pat Miele
Barbara Logan

Howard Moyer
Frances Moyer

Joan Pilson
Frank Pilson

Marie Pinnie
Mark and Sidney Pinnie

Deborah Preg
John and Margaret Preg
Neal Rightley
Mary Jane C. Sturgis

Renee Ross
Lisa Smulyan
Brenda Wilson

Elizabeth S. Walsh
Gretchen Gill
Erika Kavanagh-Stein
Anne C. Wall
Jennifer Wall

Gerald J. Ward
Gerald J. Ward Trust

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View entire Annual Report here.