Annual Report 2015-2016 Highlights

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New Citizens Celebrated at Donor Event


President Judge Chad F. Kenney has the esteemed honor of regularly presiding over Naturalization Ceremonies at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media, Pennsylvania.

But the hard work of becoming a citizen still impresses him. Speaking at the Literacy Council’s Donor Coffee Reception in March 2016, President Judge Kenney described the “aha moments” that happen when a teacher helps a student open up a new world of understanding. He marveled at “the miracles that teachers and adult students create every day.”

The 2016 Donor Coffee Reception highlighted new U.S. Citizens, letting DCLC’s generous donors know the tremendous impact their gifts are making on adults who
study with the Literacy Council.

Also speaking at the event was Madoussou Fofana, a DCLC student from Liberia who became a U.S. Citizen after working with her Volunteer Tutor Barbara Demps.

Madoussou told of escaping the civil war in Liberia and living in two other countries before arriving in the United States 16 years ago.

“I hope to have my own business someday,” she said. “I have already voted in one election, for the governor of Pennsylvania. This fall I will vote in my first election
for president. I am very happy and thankful to be an American citizen.”

DCLC Student Frida Sri Levi had become a U.S. Citizen just a few days before the event, with President Judge Kenney presiding at her naturalization ceremony. Frida
thanked her Volunteer Tutor Carol Weiss for her help and inspiration, saying that Carol is like family to her since her family is so far away.

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DCLC Financial Data 2015–2016



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Message from the Director


Dear Friends of the Literacy Council,
During our program year of 2015-16, we were reminded of the crucial role of our community’s support. We rely on you—our donors, tutors, and community partners—as much today as when we got started over forty years ago.

One joyful reason for celebrating our community support was the wrapping up of our 40th anniversary activities in 2015. Former students, staff, and board members joined our current community to celebrate our milestone at a summer birthday party and then again at our Champions of Adult Literacy fundraiser. It felt like a kind of homecoming for those who have moved on from DCLC and was an inspiration for the staff and students here.

We try to harness that joyful energy and feeling of being supported by our community for our daily work. Every time a new batch of students comes to DCLC, I have the privilege of telling them about our history and what we have to offer. I also make sure to tell them how the teachers, tutors, and staff they see every day are only part of the team who are cheering for them. I tell them about the donors and community partners who are investing in DCLC because they expect great things from our adult students. Hearing about this support and these high expectations boosts our students’ confidence as they return to learning.

A less joyful reason to be grateful for our supporters was the Pennsylvania Assembly’s prolonged delay in passing a spending budget. As a result of the budget impasse, grant payments from the Department of Education were delayed for eight months. I cannot express how grateful I am that donors and supporters stepped in to ensure our students received continuous educational services without missing a single class due to lack of funds. DCLC’s strength and stability are a direct result of support from our donors and partners.

I want to thank everyone who helped make our 40th year a success. With continued support from donors, volunteers, and community partners, I know DCLC will serve our community for another 40 years.

Thank you for your support,

Kate McGeever

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Program Results




627         Students Served

33,941   Instructional Hours

183          Volunteers

11            GED Graduates

25            New Citizens

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VIPs Add Special Touch
to 40th Birthday Party 

Well-wishers gathered on the lawn of the Literacy Council building in Chester on a sunny July afternoon to celebrate DCLC’s 40th anniversary and to honor GED Instructor Gwen Cottman on her retirement from DCLC.

Delaware County Council adopted a special resolution in honor of the occasion, noting that since its founding in 1975 the Literacy Council “has worked with over 18,000 adults to improve their skills” and “has trained over 6,000 community members to become volunteer literacy tutors.”

County Council Members John McBlain and Michael Culp were two of the local VIPs on hand to serve cake at the party. Also serving cake and greeting guests were Pennsylvania Representative of the 164th District Margo Davidson and Superintendent of Upper Darby Police Michael Chitwood, as well as Kenny Covert, founder of the community organization Brothers of Concern.

The event allowed supporters past and present to gather and wish DCLC “Happy Birthday” and to celebrate the impressive career of Gwen Cottman.

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2016 GED Graduates
Reach Milestone 


Eleven DCLC students earned their high school equivalency diplomas in 2015-2016 by passing the GED tests. These students  were honored at the Literacy Council’s Annual GED Graduation Ceremony on June 15, 2016.

Several inspiring speakers addressed the graduates.

Chester City Council Member Elizabeth Williams congratulated the graduates for “taking a major step.” She called GED graduation “the most important graduation of your life” because so many other graduations are possible only with a high school diploma.

GED graduate Jean Badou shared his journey from the Republic of Benin in Africa to earning his GED. When Jean arrived in the U.S., he first had to learn English, studying with his DCLC Volunteer Tutor Caroline Packard. Then he entered a GED class and, with hard work, earned his GED.

“I am still learning,” he told his fellow graduates. “You have to go for it and not be afraid. Even to learn to walk, you have to fall down again and again.”

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DCLC Volunteers 2015–2016

Denise Alire
Elise Van Arsdale
Stephen Austin
Valerie Bankert
Kyle Barger
Bob Bellino
Nancy Berger
Rob Berley
Shirley Birenbaum
Ron Blagman
Frances Bloom
Denice Bohl
Joseph Bohovic
Jill Bonner-Rementer
Susan Bowen
Hope Dalton Bowman
Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick
Michael Brant
Lisa Brinkman
Peter Brooks
Michaele Brown
Ronald Brylinski
Janet Buckley
Carolyn Bussey
Matthew Byrne
Irene Calabrese
Olga Canamucio
Nicholas Capriotti
Shonette Harrison Carew
Michelle Cavallaro
Joan Cheers-Lindsay
Susan Clarey
Bill Clendenin
Andrew Cogbill
Anne Cohen
Barbara Cohen
Michael Coladonato
Joanne Cook
Barry Cutler
Kathy Daly
Bessie Davis-Sparks
Barbara Demps
Mary Dunwoody
Rick Durante
Paul Durkin
Perry Durkin
Anna Maria Eakins
William Eichner
Eleanor Ercole
Patricia Farley
Chad Fehl
Edward Finn
Eileen Flanagan
Maureen Fleming
Joann Flocco
Jane Fortin
Joanne B. Frank
Elaine Frieberg
Donald Garfinkel
Roberta George
Chris Geraghty
Patricia Garzarella Gigl
Ann Gilligan
Celesta Gray
Flossie Graziola
Lorraine Grippi
Charles J. Hanna
Jeffrey Haviland
Bill Hayward
Suzanne Hayward
Virginia Coulter Heindl
Ginny Henderson
Joyce Henderson
Edward Hennessy
Wendy Hess
Jenna Hostutler
Diane Hughes
Penny Hughes
Hillary Hyduke
Gwynne Isaacs
Anthony Jennings
Megan Judge
Rachel Kachnycz
Theresa Kanya
Bonnie Kaplan
Sadhana Kapur
Sandy Kauffman
Charles Kelbley
Lynn Kelly
Kathryn Kenney
Michelle Minzee Kim
Jonathan Abdur Rahim King
Lyn Klock
Lauren Kohl
Ed Koons
Alison Kotras
Priyanka Kumar
Jacob L’Armand
Andrea Laepple
Olive Ledlie
William Levengood
Lois Levine-Elman
Patrick Lewis
Arlette Liberatore
Dick Linderman
Annie Long
Jo Lumley
Mary Coleen Lynch
Marty Mannion
David Markman
David Marshall
Peter Matthews
Carolyn Jane McCall
Mary Ellen McCann
Scott McCarthy
Carolyn McGlinchey
Joseph McGonigle
Robyn McGonigle
Tracy McIntosh
William McLaurin
Sharyn Mead
Marjorie Merklin Lane
Kathy Messerman
Susan Maria Mikus
Dana Millio
Pam Mitchell
Ruth Montesines
David Morgan
Pamela Anne Morris
Renee Morris
Lori Morrisroe
Eve Mountford
Bill Murray
Anongnat Murtaugh
Margaret Natalie
Joan Neely
Elizabeth Neilson
Diane Nissen
Mary O’Connor
Charles O’Hala
Joshua Ocko
Briget OLeary
Kayla Panek
Susan Parker
Monica Pasquarella
Sara Pasternack
Pat Paul
Michael Perlstein
Ellen Pierce
Frank Pilson
Stephen Plafker
Samantha Porter
Leslie Pumphrey
Thomas Quagliariello
Linda Ramsey
Stephanie Reaves
Reginald Regis
Patricia Rizzo
Mona Rofail
Anne Rossi
Carol Rude
Gabriell Sacks
Patricia Saltis
Rande Saxe
Patricia Scanlon
Ernest Schroeder
Janet Schroeder
Frances Schultz
Heather Seifrit
Robert Senior
Renee Settles-Bean
Theresa Sharp
Barbara Sheehan
Frances Shehadi
Andrew Sheridan
Harriet Sherman
Arthur Sherry
Suzanne Sherry
Florence Silvey
Helen Simyak
Josephine Singer
Rise Skobeloff
Stephen Small
Lois Snyder
Jane Spiller
Jennifer Stevens
Suzanne Stewart
Jennifer Stock
Jack Stoddard
Peter Stokes
Maria Strauman
Peter Stroup
Alyssa Suhm
Kelly Thornton
Ilene Chester
Cynthia Trago
Lauren Marie Trexler
Saral Waldorf
Christine Walton
Anne Weisbord
Carol Weiss
Dick Whittington
Morgan Wieziolowski
Eileen Wiley
Kevin Wilson
Peggy Wyant

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DCLC Donors 2015–2016

See also Gifts in Honor of and Gifts in Memory of.

Michael Allen
Jomo Atkins
Avenue Delicatessen
Naomi Bailey
Russell and JoAnn Bankes
Robert Barkhau
Charles Barksdale, Jr.
Arthur and Pamela Bartholomew
Gloria Beam
David Belanger
Robert and Bonnie Bellino
Linda Berkowitz
Robert and Carole Berley
Madeline Bialecki
Paul and Jane Billings
Ronald and Ann Binder
Shirley B. Birenbaum
Ronald Blagman
Frances Bloom
Stephen Bobyock
James and Ruth Bock
Joseph Bohovic
Susan Bowen
Brinker, Simpson & Company
Lisa Brinkman
Peter Brooks
Steven J. Brown
Bryn Mawr Running Co.
The Bryn Mawr Trust Company
Ronald Burke
Judith Burns
Deanna Marie Byrne
Denise Campbell
John P. and Sharon J. Capuzzi
Francis and Victoria Cardell
Terrance and Shonette Harrison Carew
William Carney
Thomas Cavanaugh
Joseph and Debra Charley
Carrie Chelko
Chester Water Authority
Kristin, Casey, Cicely and Erin Clark
Andrew Cogbill
Andrew Coleman
Stacy Collins
Desiree Collins
Theresa Connors
Gwendolyn Cottman
Wilson Cottman
Joann Crowley
Crozer Keystone
Nina M. Cruice
Michael and Maureen Culbert
Susanna DeCecco
Desert Rose Restaurant
William and Carol DiMaio
Joan Dlugos
Linda P. Donnelly
Scott and Julianne Donnini
Dos Gringos Restaurant
Rick Durante
Paul and Catherine Durkin
Eastern State Penitentiary
Pierce Eckhart
Eugene Egan
William Eichner
George J. and Maureen A. Eisele
Pat Engelbrecht
Richard and Renee Erickson
David and Perri Evanson
ExxonMobil Foundation
Judy Farling
Frank and Mary Fee
Edward and Ellen Finn
Eileen Flanagan
Judith A. Flannery
Maureen Fleming
The Foundation of the Delaware County
Medical Society
The Franklin Fountain
Arthur Frank
Franklin Mint Federal
Credit Union
Joseph Gyourko and
Sally Fullam
Rith Furman
John M. Gardner
Donald Garfinkel
Gillian Geiger
General Electric Matching Gifts
Chris Geraghty
Gerald J. Ward Trust
John Gillespie
Ann Gilligan
Rachel Giuliano
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Joshua and Cecilia Gold
Alan Gordon
Joseph and Celesta Gray
Sarell Grayson
Flossie Graziola
Ann Green
Charlotte Hobson Griffin
Daniel Guerin
Stephen B. and Annmichele P. Gutsche
Lillie Guytonwallace
Wilma Guzman-Perez
Kerry and Rebecca Haber
Rush and Susan Haines
Elizabeth Hamilton
Charles J. Hanna
Holger and Anne Hansen
Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack
Cynthia S. Harrington
Brian and Barbara Harris
Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley, LLC
Martin Spiegel and Linda Heffernan
Frank Heinze
Sandra Herman
Sharon Hill
Robin L. Holmes
House Restaurant
Constance L. Howell
Clayton Hurlburt
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
J&R Associates
Donna M. James
Jenny Jex
John Cipollone, Inc.
William and Jeneane Johnson
Edmund Jones
Lisa A. Kaiser
Theresa Kanya
Heather Karlheim
Lynn Kelly
Kimberly Clark Corporation
King’s Automotive, Inc.
Ed Koons
Thomas Korman
Frederick Kosel
Adrian Leaf
Michael and Nancy Letts
Deanna Levin
Arlette Liberatore
Ilene D. Lieberman
Dick Linderman
Barbara Logan
Jeannie Longin
Jo Lumley
Christopher Maher
Toby and Melanie Maloney
Gordon Manin
Martin and Mary Mannion
The Ken Margolis Family Giving Fund
Michael Marinucci
David Markman
David Marshall
Joseph Masek
Peter Matthews
Joan P. Mauriello
Kenneth L. McCalla
Laura McCree
Patrick McGeever
Gloria McNutt
Florence Medica
Candace Meier
Sharon Menaldino
Kathy Messerman
Allen and Elizabeth Meyer
Melina Micich
Marge W. Mirarchi
Pamela Mitchell
Doris Mitrani
Joe and Lillian Mittleman
Byron D. Moat
Anita Jean Moran
William and Virginia Mosher
Christopher Mills and Elizabeth Mosier
George and Eve Mountford
Frances Moyer
Debbi Muenz
Marshall Muhammad
Ellen Murphey and
Zara Joffe
Anongnat Murtaugh
Rostyslav and Victoria Muzychko
John and Kay Myers
Joan Neely
David Neill
Richard and Mary Nenno
Newcomers Neighbors of the Newtown Square Area
Barbara Norton
Patricia O’Donnell
Kenneth Takeshi Ogawa
Pamela Orr
Judith Owen
Caroline Packard
Richard and Patricia Paul
Andrea M. Paxton
Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
Margaret Perry
Steven Perry and
Meredith Flower
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Flyers
Philadelphia Soul Arena Football Team
Christine Polischuk
David and Amy Pollack
Robert Pope
John and Anne Poulin
Robert Preston
Thomas Quagliariello
Linda Ramsey
Carol Reich
Andrew and Joann Reinsel
Donald Richter and
Jane Gilligan
Wendella Ricker
Trudi Rockwell
Paula Rosen
Renee Ross
Arlene Rossi
Mary Ellen Roy
Michael and Maureen Rutkowski
Barbara Saling
Salon Olivia
Patricia Saltis
Robert and Judith Schachner
Carrie Schiavo
Louis and Patricia Scotto
Ann K. Seidman
Warren and Carol Sell
Robert T. Senior
Daniel and Barbara Sheehan
Andy and Vicki Shelter
Helen B. Simyak
Rise Skobeloff
David and Carol Smallwood
Thomas D. and Teresa M. Smedile
Christine C. Smith
Dan Snyder
Lois F. Snyder
Charles and Ellen Spencer
Renae Ross Starker
John and Susan Stefanski
Cheryl D. Stevenson
Michelle Stewart-Greene
Joe and Fran Stimmler
Jennifer L. Stock
Catherine Stoddard
Thomas D. Stoddard
Chris and Jack Stoddard
Scott Stoddard
Peter Stokes
Maria Strauman
Amy Strauss
Peter Stroup
Helen Subbio
Flora Sullivan
Anne Tallent
Susan V. Tartaglia
Taylor Community Foundation
Ten Thousand Villages
David and Christina Teter
Kelly Thornton
Dottie Tiffany
Lyndora Patterson Tiller
Barbara Timony
Frank Tobin and Ilene Chester
Trader Joe’s
Marie Treftz
Thomas and Jean Ann Tryson
Twist n Shout
Union Methodist Men
Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County
Unity Animal Hospital
Mina Hale Varney
Kathleen Vukoder
W.F. Wechsler & Associates, LLC
Margaret Wales
Linda Walker
Anthony and Joan Watson
Carol A. Weiss
Susan E Wendt
Lois A. Westhoff
Robert White
Mitch and Laura Wienick Charitable Contribution Fund
Michael and Marcia Wileczek
Sarette Williams
Henry V. Williams
Theresa A. Wilson
Allen Wizdo and Kay Fairs
Fily Wolczek
Mary Woods
Ernest Wright
Margaret Wyant
Yangtze Inn
Jerry Young
Charles and Ann Zech

Gifts in Honor of

Madeline Bialecki
Thomas D. and Teresa M. Smedile

Frances Bloom
Kristin, Casey, Cicely and Erin Clark

Susan Clarey
Judith Owen

Herb Cohen
Paula Rosen

Gwen Cottman
Sarell Grayson
Sarette Williams

Delaware County Literacy Council
Shirley B. Birenbaum

Charlotte Griffin
Ellen Murphey and Zara Joffe

Ilene D. Lieberman
Barbara Norton

Margaret H. Light
Clayton Hurlburt

Kate McGeever
Patrick McGeever

Joan Neely and Dan Snyder
Linda P. Donnelly

Robert Preston
Stacy Collins

Hannah Rappaport’s Birthday
Pamela Orr
Anne Tallent
Susan E Wendt

Ann Ward
Gerald J. Ward Trust

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Gifts in Memory of

James Bajorek
The Ken Margolis Family
Giving Fund
Robert White

Topsy Blagman
Ronald Blagman

Rudolph Bloom, Jr.
Frances Bloom

Rick Burns
Judith Burns

Dorothy (Miller) Buxton
Scott and Julianne Donnini
Gordon Manin
Theresa A Wilson

Ruth Farling
Judy Farling

Lilian Finn
Edward and Ellen Finn

Mary Gilligan
Ann Gilligan

LeNora Hamilton
Michael and Nancy Letts

Elizabeth Keller
Charlotte Hobson Griffin

Edith Lefferts
Michael and Nancy Letts

Thulia Mead
John and Kay Myers

Patricia Miele
Barbara Logan

Howard Moyer
Frances Moyer

Rhoads and Eleanor Murphey
Charlotte Hobson Griffin

Robert Neill
Charlotte Hobson Griffin

Deborah Preg
Margaret Perry
Arlene Rossi
William and Jeneane Johnson

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View entire Annual Report here.