Staff and Board of Directors

Full-Time Staff

Kate McGeever, Executive Director

Duane Belgrave, Sr., ABE Instructor

Liz Brenner, Director of Student Support Services

Deb Charley, Human Resources and Facility Manager

Karen Hamilton, Adult Education Coordinator

Jenn Kacimi, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Susan Keller, Communications
and Technology Specialist

Robert Lee, ESL Instructor, ESL Tutor Trainer, and Volunteer Recruiter

JoAnn Molitor, Employment Coach

Kevin Morgan, Student Recruiter

Tatiana Moskatova, Data Quality Manager

Steven Plominski, ESL Instructor

Alison Priebe, IET Program Coordinator

Kim Robinson, Student Support Specialist

Amy Rosenberg, ABE Instructor

Part-Time Staff

Naomi Bailey, Math Coordinator
Linda Berkowitz, ESL Instructor and ESL Tutor Trainer
Emily Crandell, ESL Instructor
Maureen Culbert, Bookkeeper
Ann Gilligan, ABE Instructor
Wilma Guzman-Perez, Employment Coach
Nancy Kirkwood, ESL Tutor Trainer
Kim Kondla, ABE Tutor Trainer
Candace Meier, ESL Instructor
Robert Preston, Master Trainer
James Stein, ESL Instructor


Board of Directors

Kelly Thornton, President
Board member since 2009

Lois Snyder, Vice President
Board member since 2009

Jennifer Stock, Secretary
Board member since 2013

Rick Durante, Treasurer
Board member since 2009

Glen Cademartori
Board member since 2018

Donald Garfinkel
Board member since 2015

Jonathan Abdur Rahim King
Board member since 2012

John Linder
Board member since 2017

Greg Manfre
Board member since 2017

David Marshall
Board member since 2014

Patricia Rizzo
Board member since 2014

Carol Weiss
Board member since 2014